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October 28, 2015     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

How did a 30 year old film starring a 5ft 7 Scientologist and the bald guy from ER become and continue to be the single greatest ad for recruitment in the history of the US Navy despite them denying it was a huge ad and how can you use this in your personal training business?

According to the US Navy recruitment for Navy Pilots went up 500% after Top Gun was released. They even set up recruitment tables in the cinemas to catch people on they way out, talk about striking while the iron was hot…..

500%, imagine taking your current client base and being able to increase them 5 times.

5 times more clients, five times more profit

So what was it about Top Gun, that made people want to join the US Navy? Even though one of the main characters got killed and Mavericks dad also getting shot down behind enemy lines.

Well, despite the tragedy, the film sold the dreams and the aspirations.

  • The dream of lots of action, playing beach volleyball, flying planes, cool aviator sunglasses (sales of those went up as well).
  • The dream of riding a Kawasaki Ninja along the coast (guess what happened to sales of that as well?)
  • The dream of getting it on with a hot milf like Kelly McGillis who became a pin up off the back of the film.
  • It also tapped into the emotions as well, fighting the evil bad guy Russians at the height of the cold war and saving the day.
  • The dream of being the hero…..

It's exactly the same way you should be selling from your personal trainer website and your emails.

Sell the dream, the aspiration and and sell the results , not the training or the diet or the nutrition, because that stuffs boring and that's what all your competitors are doing.

Use your website, your social media and your emails to do this and you will see your client numbers explode.

Want a website that does this? Then get in touch.

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