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This morning I had a bit of a lie in until 8am which is a decent sleep in for me, normally I'm up at 6am and in the gym by 7am, but today I can hardly walk.

Today I am a broken mess.

Even last night I was so shattered and sore I was in bed fast asleep by 9:30pm.

It wasn't even caused by a Saturay night of heavy drinking, that would have been sort of ok, but I was tucked up in bed early Saturday night as well.

This was caused by something completely different.

100 minutes of 11 aside football on a 4g pitch in a tournament yesterday.

My body just isn't used to that anymore (I'm 40 btw) and even though I still play regular I feel like I had been ran over by a bus yesterday and that's before the DOMS hit.

If I was a newbie to exercise and I felt like this after a session with a personal trainer, I'm not sure I would be coming back for a second session, but you know that as a good trainer..

Client attraction as a Personal Trainer is the same thing

It's super hard to go from just spotting one of your ads or landing on your website to becoming a client in 1 step.

In fact there are actually 5 vital steps

You have to lead potential clients to where you want them to go, and gently as well.

Step 1: Potential Client Visits your Website or sees your ad

Step 2: You ask for their email and give them something of value.

Step 3: Build Know Like and trust (using email):

Step 4: You make it easy for people to work with you (offer a low barrier free or paid trial)

Step 5: Up-sell them on to your core service offering a specific resut and make all the monies you need.

Most personal trainers try to go from Step 1 to Step 5 which is why they fail miserably, maybe also why the average PT wage in the UK is less than a Macdonalds burger flipper.

Want a system that sets out clients attraction for you, complete with a brand new spanking Personal Trainer Website that is GUARANTEED to get you Personal Training or Boot-camp Leads.

You can check it our and Apply here.

Liam “Broken” Thompson

Internet Fitpro
Personal Trainer Websites That Guarantee Leads.


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