February 6, 2017     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

Last night I was checking out Sky Sports news and there was an article on about the Forbes sports money list for 2016.

Basically, it's the list of the highest earners in world sport and apart from being footballers the top 2 has something else in common.

Number 1 was Christiano Ronaldo and Number 2 was Messi and it's not by chance either

Both arguably the top 2 players in the world for the last 5 years or so.

That's why the number 1 and 2 thing you have to have to earn the big bucks is be great at what you do.

Be great and be consistent.

Put your time in and grind out the results honing your trade and building your business.

Despite what the gooroo's might tell you, there no such thing as an overnight success or building  a “6 figure fitness business” in 6 weeks.

Marketing BS all designed to relieve you of some big bucks.

You can however get started with a system that will help you grow your fitness business online for just 497, basically the cost of a single client for 1 month.

Should be a no brainer for an investment minded personal trainer with the ambitions to grow.

Check it out here

Intternet Fitpro
Personal Trainer Websites That Guarantee Leads


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