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So I've been missing in action for nearly 2 weeks.

Maybe you haven't noticed or maybe you have and were wondering why?

Basically me and Matt took ourselves to Thailand with Dax Moy (one of our own mentors and coaches), locked ourselves in room for 12 hours a day and got to work on our new project.

The concept was simple.

Create a program for 10 coaches and fitpros and coach them a step by step system for their business and help them generate a bunch of new leads and clients by giving them easy to follow missions to complete and build an online client generating system for them.

(That's a money printing website to you and me)

The result

Well, while we have created the system, we need your help to refine it.

Were taking 10 coaches or personal trainers or fit pros on-board between now and 1st December, but there are a few rules.

The rules

First up you have to know who your avatar or ideal client is. This will help us nail your marketing system.

You have to already be serving these people and be getting results with them. No point us helping you get clients if you cant help them now is there?

Yo gotta do the tasks we set you and be open to learning some new stuff about marketing.

System + Action = Results

The cost

When we launch to people outside of our email list in January it's going to be £2997. We are guaranteeing a minimum 5 times return on investment for anyone who sign up to this but we expect real world results to be 10 times investment which is £30k of new clients using this system in 12 months.

The cost to you.

For helping us out to refine the system the cost to you is only going to be £1500. We will even give you up to six months to pay us if you need it.

Basically you give is £1,500 We give a system to add as bare minimum of £15k to your business in the next 12 months, spend less time marketing your business and getting to help change more peoples lives.

What you need to do.

If you're interested we need to jump on the phone or skype to make sure you are suitable and we can arrange payment.

All you need to do is contact us  (use the form below) with your phone number or skype address and we can get you on board today.

Internet Fit Pro “The Agency”
Guaranteeing Leads and Clients For Your Fitness Business


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