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Just a few days into 2016 and I,m back in the IFP office after a few weeks of rest, relaxation and general over eating and over drinking with a slightly expanded waistline. It's been a hectic week with trips to New York and Ireland and 6 flights in just 7 days.

I wanted to put together something that I thought might help you push your fitness business on in 2016 so here is what i think is going to be going on in the fitness industry in 2016 when it comes to getting more clients online for your personal training, boot camp or studio business.

The saturation of 12 week transformation experts will hit a tipping point in 2016.

They already everywhere this year. Yes 12 weeks or 90 days is a great time frame for a program but not every one has to be a transformation program. Personally I like the idea of the 12 week commitment for new clients and then dropping them into monthly contracts after that.

Facebook ads are going to go up in price, even more so as more personal trainers catch on to how powerful they are.
Those that do them right can still stay ahead of the game though and smash it but you have to be careful and play by Facebook's ever expanding precarious rules.

The death of email marketing will be greatly exaggerated yet again.
This is something that comes up every year but email marketing is still something that when used the right way can be very very effective. It works really well for us, but 2016 will see email being combined more and more with Facebook Custom Audiences and Google Remarketing and hitting potential clients with a 2 pronged attack.

The de-niching of the local fitness expert:

You can still make a really good living as a personal trainer by offering personal training services and charging accordingly. As more trainers try and specialise this is going to open up the market a bit more to the general personal trainers over the so called “transformation experts”. However you should still be selling results based packages that offer more than just the training sessions.

The re-emergence of Google for getting clients.

If you live in a big enough town, you should be using Google maps to list your personal training business. You dont need some fancy shmancy bs url like mypersonaltrainerbournemouth to do this you just need to have a legit business with and address, be listed as a personal trainer and get some good reviews from clients. You should even be using adwords to outrank your competition because most of them a) wont pay to play) and b) their websites will suck and wont convert visitors to clients.


^^^^As more and more trainers migrate to Facebook ads this is where they will be leaving things behind for you to sneak into.
The domination of video on social media:

This has actually started but next year video on social media will be the key to putting out content.


Short 1-3 minute videos that engage with your audience without them getting bored is the key here and using native platforms like Facebook or you tube directly..

The death of the desktop website:

Mobile will dominate desktop when it comes to websites for the 1st time so its important that your website is optimised for both to give you users the best experience. All our websites that come with SWAT will be work on all platforms.

Check out the SWAT personal trainer website system here

Hope you are enjoying your time off, if you are taking it and looking forward to hitting 2016 running like we are here at InternetFitpro.com


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