June 2, 2016     /    Email Marketing For Personal Trainers    /    Liam Thompson

So yesterday I get an email from a personal trainer on my list trying to sell me some personal training, nutrition coaching and “classes” despite the fact he lives over 100 miles away from me.
It was a classic example of why knowing your target market is important and how how not to use email to promote your fitness business.

Fitness business lessons aplenty in this today on what else he did wrong:

1. Lack of permission: The dude just added me because I was in his email contacts. A sure fire way to look desperate, annoy people and get them to mark your emails as spam. You need to give value before asking for an email address, not just start emailing people out of the blue. using a landing page or opt in on the front page of your pt website.

2. He ignored my unsubscribe yesterday and sent me another email today using mailchimp. We don't recommend mailchimp because it's a free service and because it;s free all the spammers use it and because all the spammers use it, the delivery rates suck.

^^^^Classic example of why free is really expensive missing out on all those clients who didn't get your emails because you didn't invest £10 a month in a paid service?


3. Selling on the fact he was Precision Nutrition Certified, “fully qualified and fully insured”. Newsflash, your clients don't know what Precision Nutrition is so congratulations, you have just confused then and confused people don't buy. Equally they would expect at the very least that you are insured as its on a legal requirement.

^^^^ People really don't care about your qualifications: They just want to know you can get them results. Simple.

4. Generic PT nutrition pics. Woman shopping for vegetables in a supermarket.

Erm that's not going to motivate me to get healthier one little bit if I'm overweight and would prefer to eat pizza and chocolate.

5. Daily Exercise Tips: Daily tips to tell me the benefits of exercise.

^^^^ Newsflash Number 2. Every bloody person in the whole country knows the benefits of exercise and they don't like exercise. Congratulations on trying to sell something to people that they don't like. Good luck with that.

6. No personality. Boring emails talking about fitness and nutrition. If you want to stand out from all the douche-bag boring chicken and broccoli trainers out there you have to get some personality into your emails. Tell stories, talk about your life and inspire people to take action. You need to build the know like and trust before asking for the sale, but this guy lost the trust before he even started by being a spammer and then ignoring the unsubscribe.

People buy from people they like and because they want to know whats in it for them.

So start selling the real benefits of what you do as a trainer, because its not fitness ad classes and personal training, its results and how the results make people feel.

^^^^ That my friend is when the magic starts happening in your business, when you connect with peoples feelings.

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