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I took one of my old coaching clients, Alex who is a really cool Fitnesss Copywriter for breakfast this morning at my fav place to eat.

It's an New York Style Deli in a little village called Alderley Edge, literally about 5 minute drive from my house.

The Scrambled Eggs and turkey bagels are amazing and addictive and the coffee is huge.

So, I've been going there for nearly 2 years and I never knew that the girl who works there is also the owner. I just assumed she just worked there. (Lesson learned: shouldnt assume things)

Any way we got chatting about business and marketing and client lifetime value and she had no idea about any of this.

In a five minute chat, we had both given her enough info to probably double her business in the next 12 months. (she probably won't take action, but that's another story)

Her advertising consisted of boosting posts on facebook and they were not working and she had no idea why.

She said she was confused and overwhelmed by the tech stuff so she had a free squarespace website put together by her sister who was a graphic designer (with no marketing know how).

Truth is:

She could have easily been a personal trainer. I see this all the time.

Boosting posts with no idea why or without knowing what works and sending potential clinets to a free website service with no joy and no idea why its not working.

Thats why we developed the SWAT Personal Trainer Website System (check out offer in a sec)

A Website complete with a done with you system for making sure you grow your business and the knowlege to take advantage of stuff like Facebook ads.


You can apply here (and if you signup this week, I wil personally include 4 weeks of 1-1 personal business coaching worth £350 ($500)

I wont be offering this again


Internet Fitpro
Personal Trainer Websites That Guarantee Leads


Wonder what value I can add with the coaching which makes this a great offer? I've built 3 business from zero to 6 figures the last 15 years and 1 to nearly £1 million in sales per year.


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