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This week we have been playing with some really cool ad technology. I would really love to hear if you have seen our ads online anywhere.

The tech allows us to put ads to our websites on some of the biggest websites around.

Sites like major newspapers and even on youtube and it makes it look like we are everywhere, but I have a confession.

The ads are targeted.

Basically means that you will only see them if you have visited our website at

Its clever stuff and are we teaching a module on this on our SWAT Website System clients.

Imagine a PT potential client landing on your website and then starting see ads for your services everywhere, like placed on the Daily Mail website or on the cat videos they are watching on Youtube.

They would assume that you are the biggest personal trainer in your town.

That is freakin powerful.

Want to work with us and do stuff like this?

You have 2 options.

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Get a bells and Whistles Website, complete with Sales Funnel System and all the skillz you need to do clever marketing stuff like we are currently doing.

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