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Rule number uno when getting personal training or boot camp clients from your website is that you need to be found.

Having a great site that no one knows exists is a huge waste of time, effort and cash.

Blogging on a regular basis as we all know is is a great way to shoot your-self up the Google rankings in super quick time……

……but there is a neat little trick that I've discovered by accident.

It has not only pushed me up the rankings for my own town (Manchester), but it's actually meant that I'm occupying at least 4 spaces on a page 1 search on the big G for “personal trainer Manchester”

Check out the proof below (look out for my picture next to the listings)


So what is it?

Basically it's having a Google Plus account for your business and making sure you post your blogs to it.

This is one of the 1st things we tell our inner circle clients to do before we even start working on their sites.

Get a Google Plus account for your business and start using it, link it to your website and blog regularly.

That's it, super simple. Even the most technophobe can do this.

Do the stuff your competition isn't doing and you will smash it.

Liam “G Man” Thompson

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