Stolen, after only a few days

When I was 14 years old my parents bought me a brand new mountain bike for my Birthday. I still remember it like it was yesterday.

It was an Emelle Nemesis in fluorescent yellow and green.
I thought I was the coolest kid at the time riding around town on this, pulling wheelies and doing bunny hops.

But then after less than a week disaster happened. It got stolen from outside the local leisure center and I was gutted, but it was my own fault.

I was too naive and trusting and didn't lock it up.

The local police, even knew who took it but couldn't do anything about it without the proof.

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A £5 investment in a lock would have easily prevented this, but I didn't see that as an investment at the time, I thought it was an expense.

Instead, I was left sad and bike-less as my parents couldn't afford to buy me a replacement.

It's a lesson I've kept with me my whole life and especially in business.

Seeing things like marketing and websites and even business coaching as investments rather than a spend is vital.

Point in case:

Earlier this year I invested a full day of my time to present at someone's mastermind for free. I even paid for 2 nights hotel and my own travel to London.

Total Cost: £1,000+
Resulting Business: £18,000+

I've also invested in growing my email list this year by 1,000+ subscribers at a cost of £3000+

Return on that investment £40k+

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I know I said yesterday that business was hard, what I meant was that its hard work.

Business is actually easy.

Work out how much a happy client is worth to you and decide what you can invest in acquiring them.


And for most personal trainers this number should be at least £1,500

So the question is how much would you invest in picking up a £1,500 client?

Me personally, easily £300+, maybe even £500+


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