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At least the feckers are efficient.

That's what I thought when I got up this morning and my home broadband was switched off. Sky told me they would switch it off sometime today before my home move. Didn't expect it to be so early, so I'm working out of my local caffeine dealers today.

So down to business. Do you want more subscribers to your email list?

Yes, of course you do (unless you don't like money) because email marketing is one of the best ways to continually get your message in front of potential clients.

So how do you do it?

You need to stop asking people to subscribe to your newsletter.


NO ONE, is going to give you their valuable email address, just to “Subscribe to your newsletter” or get “news and updates”.

A) Because the offer is shit
B) Because they know you are just going to sell them stuff

You need to give them something of value.

Take them closer to their goal

It has to be a fair value exchange.


Internet Fitpro
Building Personal Training Businesses


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