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Part 3 of the dumb-ass ways to get more personal training clients

First we to you the story of the personal trainer who always dropped his prices to get new clients and then we had the dumb-ass Facebook trainers with PT in the middle of their name.

The third Dumb Ass way to get more personal training clients

Well this one is perfect for personal trainers that want to have the biggest building in town by knocking down all the others.

If you work in a gym or studio with other trainers, then this one is perfect for filling up your diary super fast.

All you need to do is try and steal the clients that are already working with the other trainers. Simple.

You just need to use some subtle tactics like, spreading rumours about the other trainer, slagging them off behind their backs and claiming that you can get better results than they can.

Combine with the price drop strategy and you're all set to go. This would even work really well on Facebook, you could hijack other peoples groups and try to steal clients that way.

If getting clients is your main concern then this is great, but be warned, you are not gonna make many friends in the gym or studio.

You might even get kicked out and have nowhere to train people and lets face it the clients you do pick up are not gonna be the most loyal ones you can find, if they are prepared to jump ship so easily.

Another real dumb-ass way to build a business in my humble opinion.

It's much better to have a strategy in place to build an email list with a steady stream of leads. Then learn the basics of marketing to convert them in to high paying and loyal clients. for your fitness business.

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