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The following is the first of a few blogs i'll be sending over the next few days on some dumb-ass ways to get new clients into your fitness business that actually work…..

….however I don't recommend that you do any of them.

Some of them could actually kill your business stone dead.

So here you go.

Dumbass way to get clients #1

The Price Drop System

There is no doubt about it, that dropping your prices to be the cheapest trainer in your town will definitely get you a bucket load of new clients.

Hell you could even set up one of those Groupon offers if you run boot-camps or group training and offer a whole month for just a few bucks.

You will definitely get new clients faster than ever.

You will also get new headaches though.

Cheapo whiney clients who don't listen to your advice.

Then there are the added hours of time to manage all these people.

The deal shoppers, tyre kickers and the bootcamp whores who jump from deal to deal to save a few bucks with no loyalty.

Continue with these tactics and you will eventually lose your best clients……and eventually your business.

Of course if you want to attract quality clients,who are willing to pay a bit more and stay for longer then I suggest you sign up for our SWAT Website System.

It won't work as fast as turning to your bootcamp into a fitness equivalent of a thrift store.

But it will be cheaper in the long run.

More moolah for you.

And as an added bonus you won't have to work as many hours plus you get to work with the clients that you love working with.

Book yourself in for a no obligation chat below to see if we are a good fit for helping your make more moolah in your fitness business.


I'll even give you some actionable tips to release the hidden cash already sitting in your business.

Liam Thompson

Internet Fitpro

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