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Yesterday I told you about the Price Dropper Trainer who promotes themselves by dropping their prices and doing Groupon deals.

That was the first (and not fist as missed by spellcheck yesterday) of the dumb-ass ways to get clients for your fitness or training business. Hopefully you haven't decided to suddenly drop your prices and compete with the budget 9.99 a month gym down the road.

If you did then that is dumb-ass behaviour of the highest order and you need to proceed straight to the unsubscribe button at the bottom of this email. Do not pass go, do not collect $200…..

Still reading?


Lets get straight to dumbass tactic #2

It's another tactic for getting new clients that might work for you but it comes at a fairly hefty price.

A price you won't even realize until it's far too late.

“The I'm a Personal Trainer Facebook Strategy”

It's pretty simple. You log on to Facebook put “PT” in the middle of your name and start telling everyone you're a personal trainer.

Anyone who will listen.

You can even throw in some of these popular free to use swipe lines.

“I'm now taking on clients for personal training”

“My new bootcamp starts Monday, pm me for details” (adding the word “bro” at the end is optional)

Want to be really dumbass. You can mix it up with the price dropper strategy from yesterday

“Bootcamp classes only £2 per class”

By the way if you have PT in the middle of your name on Facebook in the hope clients will come flooding to your wall in awe then you are indeed a bigger dumbass than I thought.

Marketing genius right there (not) and you are risking getting your ass banned on FB.

Again you might get a few clients from these strategies, but what you don't realise is that you've just spent your entire working week on Facebook or worse, facebook have kicked you out for being a douche-bag marketer from your personal wall.

A much better way to grow a fitness business without procrastinating the week away on social media is to have a strategy in place to build your business online rather than random posts on your personal profile and learning how to use social media for maximum impact.

It comes as part of the package when you invest in one of our SWAT personal Trainer Websites.

We'll also teach you how to build an email list that will still be there when Facebook is long gone.

Get started here

Liam “Not PT” Thompson

Internet Fitpro

Non Dumb-ass Ways To Build Your Personal Training Business Online


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