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So last week I got the chance to watch a couple of movies on a flight. Usually I will watch something that I know Mrs Liam won't want to watch, with one of them being the Steve Jobs movie.

There's a bit near the end where he is chatting to his daughter and the time is somewhere in the early 90's. Anyway she is listening to some music on an old Sony Walkman.

If you're not old enough to remember, basically it was a portable personal cassette player. These things were clunky and you had to change the tape every time you wanted to listen to something new.

“Look at this thing” Jobs says

“1 cassette at a time”

“I'm going to create something that can fit in your pocket that can store 100 songs…… wait 1000 songs”

And that's exactly how they launched the IPod to the world.
“1000 songs in your pocket”

The ultimate benefit driven headline of all time in my humble opinion

No mention of hardware or technical stuff and everyone instantly knew what they were getting.

The best sale people never talk about their product, they talk about what it will do for the user.

So if Jobs was a personal trainer he wouldn't be talking about sessions or classes or metabolic resistance or bio-signature or intermittent fasting or any other term that only trainers know.

Because Jobs was smart and he knew that that sh*t confused the public and he also knew that when people were confused they didn't buy.

He would be talking to his potential clients in their language and selling his services on the benefits. just like our SWAT Personal Trainer Website clients know

Something like

  • “Flat abs in 12 weeks”
  • “Maximum Muscle in a Month”
  • “4 week drop a dress size program”

All benefit driven headlines and not feature driven (classes and sessions and nutrition plans) like most personal trainers try and sell.

Jobs knew exactly what his customers wanted and all he did was go out and give it to them.
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