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I'm knackered today after the bank holiday (actually it's the evening before), but in a good way. I'm actually just on the train back to Manchester from London as I've been down here since Friday.

We've been staying at Mrs Liam's sisters apartment while she has been away at a wedding and this morning we wanted to head to The Breakfast Club, thing is there was a huge queue, like 45 minutes, mostly for people to get breakfast so they could check in on Facebook because its the cool place to go.

Most of them being hipster types .

So me not really being a fan of the queue we decided to hit the place next door, which was equally as good and reasonably priced.

They were getting most of their business from the people who didn't want to queue up for 45 minutes. (their USP or unique selling point was convenience)

Me included, and it was actually a bit different as well. (breakfast choices like eggs Benedict or bacon and eggs in a crepe)


It was like free business for them, trading on the coat tails of a more successful business.

Being exclusive can be great for your fitness business, but not everyone want the exclusive service….

Some want convenience
Some want the closest to their home or work
Some want faster results
Some want to know they are in the right place to be looked after

…and that is why standing out and having your own USP is vital…..

So here is a question for you this morning. Go and write it down and use it.

Why are you different to all the other trainers in your town?

Why should your potential clients train with you instead of the herballife selling dude across the road ?

Here is an example that we use in our business here.
We are different to most web designers because we

A) understand your business having worked in the fitness industry
B) we have a system that guarantees you leads from your fitness business website
C) we look after you and your website after we deliver it.

That's why we are different!

What about you?


Internefitpro .com
Personal Trainer Websites That Guarantee Leads and Build Businesses


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