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A lot of Personal Trainers I speak to complain what they can't afford one of our website packages or can't afford to do any marketing and then spend months not doing anything about building or growing a business because they think they need to invest in order to grow.

Now don't get me wrong here, investing in a website or investing in marketing is ideal because its the fastest way to grow your business and will only cost you your time instead of your money, but what if you can't afford to do that and even if you can afford to do that you should also be doing these things as well, because it will raise your profile in your town or even online.

I'm purposefully not going to include social media because everyone else is doing that anyway and this is stuff that will make you stand out over all the trainers hiding behind their laptops and Instagram profiles.

1. Networking

One of the most cost effective ways for getting clients into our business here at IFP is networking. I spend a lot of my work time traveling, meeting other personal trainers and fitness business owners and making real world connections.

Real people who I can speak to, enjoy a drink with and get to know.

Every single networking event I go to results in me picking up at least 1 new client.

It has massively helped us grow our business and you can easily do this as a local personal trainer. All you need to do is find out where your potential clients hang out and go talk to them, spend some time with them.

2. Leverage Local Celebrity

Find the local celebrities and influencers in your town and offer to train them for free. One of our IFP clients trains the Local Mayor in his town, but it doesn't even have to be someone famous. It could be the local hairdresser who is going to tell everyone or even the local physio who an refer clients on to you. Look for people who will become super referrers.

3. Get off your arse and knock on some doors.

One of the coaches I've worked with sold personal training door to door. He basically knocked on doors in wealthy areas offering free trials at his studio and probably got told to F off on more than one occasion. You need to have balls of steel and thick skin to do this but it will definitely work if you are prepared to put the work in.

When I started my bootcamp I walked into local businesses offering free trials and chatting to the staff. It wasn't sexy but it worked.

4. Do Lunch and Learns

Get yourself into local businesses and offer to come in and teach the staff at lunchtime how to be healthier. You need to think, what's in it for the employer so you could suggest that you can help improve their energy level and productivity and cut down on sick days.

5. Charity Bootcamps

Speak to local charities and offer to run a free bootcamp on a Saturday, where each person who attends makes a donation to the charity. Use this to get in the local papers and offer the people who attend a free trial.

6. Write for the local paper or a local website

One of the strategies that worked for me was writing a health and fitness blog for a local Manchester website. Definitely something that can raise your profile and costs noting to do but your time.

There you go, 6 simple strategies for growing your fitness business if you can't afford to invest in one of our SWAT Website System Packages.

Just pick one or two of these and do for a month, rinse and repeat.

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