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I was chatting to fellow personal trainer Simon and a new Starter Website Package Client yesterday about putting together his website for his new personal training business.

He got his ex girlfriend's brother to put together his last website for him, and here is the kicker; they split up and the kid wouldn't release the domain name because he bought it in his name!

The kid basically registered the domain in his own name.

It's like getting your mate to go and buy a house for you and he puts his own name on the deeds. It means he owns it and that he could kick you out and leave you homeless at any time.

He doesn't even have to be malicious!

What if he forgets to register it and you lose it forever?

What if they fall out and he gets arsey over the ownership?

So a word of warning: When you let others register your site you are literally giving them the keys to your fitness business.

It's not not not a good idea.

Some unscrupulous web guys will even use this as a way of making sure you can never leave them. It's like a bitter wife using the kids as a way of making sure a husband never leaves even though they both know the relationship isn't working out.

Then there are the clueless web guys who make you buy domain names like mypersonaltraineryourtown because they are about 10 years behind the Google Algorithm.

That hack used to work in 2006, but not any more.

We don't do any of this at Internet Fitpro and we get all our client's to register their own domain names meaning they are always in control, whatever happens.

Liam “looking out for the small guys” Thompson

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