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Turns out there are only 2 types of people I dont like and one of them happens to be estate agents. I just find them a bit sneaky and slimy and you will see why in a second.

So the reason why is that I've been looking at houses with Mrs Liam this weekend and we found one that we really like, so we decided to make a viewing booking with one of the local estate agents.

It was Saturday morning and we pulled up at the house, bang on time at 10:50 as booked the day before, but there was a problem…

The estate agent was still showing someone else around…

It was very deliberate and a bit naughty of them if you ask me, even though she claimed innocence at getting the time of our booking wrong.

It's a sneaky trick to try and fake scarcity.

Just like the shops that have never ending closing down sales or the big issue seller that's always on his last Big Issue

But… you can use it ethically to your advantage if you have genuine scarcity in your fitness business.

Just have one genuine place left? Then use that as a sales tool and tell people, just dont be a douche and make it up, and dont put fake scarcity on the number of ebooks you are selling either. (People are not generally stupid)

Want to put your prices up?

Then you can use that as a scarcity tool, to lock people in at the lower price.

You can give people deadlines to apply or they don't get in. (very freakin powerful)

So I know what you're thinking now.

I'm going to pull a scarcity offer out of the hat now, but it's not true I don't have a scarcity offer for you today.

However, if you want a kick ass web system complete with website for your fitness business then you can check out our SWAT Personal Trainer Website System or our Personal Trainer Starter Website Package.

Only 1 website left (only kidding)


Internet Fitpro
Personal Trainer Websites That Guarantee Leads.


Want to know who else I don't like?

Will tell you tomorrow.


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