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In exactly 6 months time, me and Mrs Liam will be welcoming a Liam or Mrs Liam junior into our world. I can honestly say it's the most scared I have ever been about anything in my life.

Way scarier than being self employed and this is coming from some who has built, multiple 6 figure online businesses.

And to top it all off we are moving into our first proper grown up family home, complete with huge mortgage. Exciting but scary times with lots of added personal responsibility.

This is quite frankly something that I can't screw up.

I know that the work I'm putting in now in our business here at IFP will pay dividends in the next 6 months, because we are focused on playing the long game.

Too many fitness business think short term sales in my opinion and it does them long term damage.

For us the sales we make today are because of a culmination of things we have done in the past 6 to 12 months.

  • Our list building
  • Our daily emailing
  • Joining Masterminds and online groups.
  • Associating ourselves with influencers
  • Speaking at conferences
  • Helping people out online and in FB groups without expecting anything in return.
  • Getting out from behind our laptops and meeting people

If you take one lesson from today, it should be that there is no magic bullet marketing method for your fitness business.

Business success in my opinion is based on lots of little things, lots of touches with your audience and playing the long game.

Think of it like waiting for a good pint of Guinness to settle.

If you be everywhere then your potential clients can't ignore you.

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