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Don't judge me on this… but me and Mrs Liam have National Trust memberships. #There I said it.

So this weekend, we decided to use it on Saturday and go to a place called Formby for a long walk on the amazing beach. It's about 20 minutes north of Liverpool and it stretches out for about 3 miles with the car park in the middle, but here's the thing.

The car park was full because it was sunny and everyone else had the same idea as us, and as we got on the beach it was rammed and I have to admit, neither me or Mrs Liam are great lovers of the general public when we are out and about.

But…It was all cool, because every one had plonked themselves within 50 metres of the car park entrance even some of the lazy ones had set up camp right at the entrance.

All we had to do was walk for 3 minutes in either direction and it was desolate.

We walked 30 minutes up the beach and the only people we ran into was the occasional jogger or dog walker.

80% were camped at the same spot and that is exactly what you need to do in your fitness business.

80% of trainers will be doing the same thing.

  1. On social media screaming “buy my sh*t”, “Bootcamp starts Monday, pm me for details”, “PT spaces available”.
  2. Getting drowned out in the noise of social media.

Be the smart 20%.

  1. Take potential clients off Facebook and on to your email list for a more personal conversation.
  2. Give value instead of always tried to sell.
  3. Invest in paid ads to the right pages instead of spending all your time of social media.
  4. Package your services (will talk about that tomorrow)
  5. Be the 20% and your competition won't even know you are there.

You will be like a silent personal Training assassin, cleaning up in your local town.

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