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It's my wedding anniversary this coming Saturday.

3 years to be precise with a baby on the way in a few months and at the same time buying a house, scary but exciting times for us.

So this weekend for our wedding anniversary I decided to book a nice hotel for the night and find somewhere real fancy to eat.

The hotel was no problem, the restaurant on the other hand, I was struggling with.

I found the one we liked the look of on TripAdvisor (because of the reviews) and headed over to their website to check out the menu.

It looked great, well designed by a fancy pants web design company, but…..

I couldn't find what I was looking for, namely the menu.

Prices yes, menu no.

There was an optin box asking me for my email sign up for latest news and tips, but seriously who leaves their email for latest news?

The result?

No email and no menu, so looks like we will be looking elsewhere. Their fancy pants design has cost them at least 1 customer (me) and probably a load more.

This is the problem when you trust a web designer or design company to design a website for you. They actually harm your business whether its fitness or whatever.

They think about how the site looks and not what the site visitor is looking for.

It's simple really.

You need to know what your audience wants and give it to them.

Writing copy for your website or ads that's sells more personal training also doesn't have to be complicated.

You just need 3 things

(Hint: Not insurance, your qualifications or how much you loved sport at school)

1. Call out Your Audience
2. Hit a Pain Point your audience has
3. Offer a Solution to the pain point.

That's it

And you need a site that is set out to convert visitors into leads and then clients.

That is exactly where our SWAT Personal Trainer Website comes in


Internet Fitpro
Personal Trainer Websites That Turn Visitors into Leads


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