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You gotta love a good email headline, so hopefully I have your attention because this is actually true ( at least sort of).

Unbelievable in the world of Instagram and Famous on the internet fitness models I know but bear with me on this as I explain.

You see, most personal trainers have huge egos, especially the ones that are in the best shape.

You can usually hear these trainers before you see them, Usually talking about “gainz” ” being shredded” and “do you even lift bro?” while microwaving their broccoli and chicken for lunch or showing of the fact that they have all their meals delivered, while trying to sell training to a nervous overweight women in her 30's.

Its because of the huge egos.

It's bigger than they are.

They can't help it, they have to show off their six packs and that the 1st thing you see on their websites.

It's always all about them

“Look at me, I'm shredded, look at my abs, I'm a Level 2 trainer (WTF does that even mean) and i'm fully insured to make you puke up after smashing the hell out for you for an hour.”

It's the wrong approach unless your target market is other trainers who want to be shredded.

Read that last bit again.

“Target Market”

You have one right?

If you don't then how do you know who you talking to on your site?

Meanwhile the out of shape trainers are cleaning up, because they know exactly who they are targeting and how to empathize with them.

They know how to speak to their potential clients in language they understand and…..they know their problems…..their pain and their limitations.

Their website is always about the client, not the trainer.

Want a system that shows you how to do this and gets you a client attracting website at the same time?

That's exactly what the SWAT Personal Trainer website System is

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Internet Fitpro
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