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Have you been watching the Olympics at all?

Gotta be honest I wasn't that interested in the build up but now it's here I can't take my eyes off the action.

Last night I sat up late watching the Omnium Men's bike race.

Man that race is brutal and has everything.

160 laps of the track with a sprint race every few laps, crashes, broken collar bones and people getting bonus points for lapping each other. It's like doing extreme Tabatta training on a bike for 40 minutes.

At the end Mark Cavendish aka The Manx Missile (who finished 2nd and got silver) mentioned that he wouldn't be there if it wasn't for the team around him like the mechanics, the sports scientists and the nutritionists.

These athletes realize you cant do things alone if you want to be the best and succeed.

Cavendish doesn't know how to design a bike to go faster (he has a team to do that)

All he knows how to do is get on it and ride the hell out of it.

Just like trainers should be trainers and not flyer designers or web designers.

Pretty simple, but vital for success.

Leave the stuff to the people who are good at it and end up getting a website that not only converts but also looks like this:




Internet Fitpro

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