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Wouldn't it be great if there was a magic sales funnel, Facebook ads formula or email template that will explode your fitness business into the magical 6 figures and beyond.

The gooros would love to convince us that there is, but they are all wrong and it took me a long time and tens of 1,000's in investing in mentors and products to figure this out. A costly mistake.

They don't exist (except in gooroo products)

Yes funnels and emails and headlines and Facebook ad strategies are important, but not in isolation and not without one ingredient.

So whats the secret ingredient?

It's relationships.

Your website, your emails and even your ads for your fitness business or personal training biz should all be designed to build and grow relationships.

To nurture them, just like you do in real life.

Think about it.

There isn't a magic sales funnel system for making friends that works every time.

People either like or dislike you because of what you stand for and what you have to offer.

Running a personal training biz or any other biz is just like that.

Our SWAT Personal Trainer website System can help you build and nurture relationships with potential clients.

Applications open

Personal Trainer Websites That Work


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