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Imagine the Scenario, It's 2pm on a Friday and you don't have a clients until 5:30pm. So you do the usual.

Maybe you train, maybe if you work in a commercial gym you'll hang around with the other trainers, maybe you will even be proactive and try and get some new clients from the gym floor, but its 2pm on a Friday and the gym is empty.

So have just over 3 hours of dead space in your day……..but…..

…then it happens……out of the blue….

You get a cancellation text message.

Sorry can't train today, not feeling up to it” (aka “im off out drinking with the girls after work“)

So you do a little dance of joy, Maybe even a fist pump and a high five to the nearest trainer.

That's OK I'm not here to judge you…..we've all been there.

You know don't actually like training this client. They never listen, never turn up on time and frequently cancel and maybe even ty to haggle on price. Chances are they pay less than your best clients anyway.

That my friend is the sign you are not happy with your current clients.

That is why you need to fire her ass and start working with the people YOU want to work with and not anyone with a wallet.

The above is a simple strategy to get the following:

A) more clients
B) more clients who will pay more
C) more clients who will pay more and stick to the plan
D) clients who value you so much they will fit their training around you and not around them

Knowing how to do this is vital for a successful fitness business that doesn't drain the life out of you.

You can start here


Internet Fitpro
SWAT: A lead generating website system for Personal Trainers


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