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One of the easiest tactics to build your fitness business faster and get more clients in the door is to use paid traffic Facebook ads to get your message in front of the right audience.

Most trainers get this wrong and end up wasting a ton of money and then conclude that Facebook Ads or Google Ads don't work.


It works like gang busters if you get it right. and pays for itself many times over.

A word of warning though, this only works if you have the right strategy in place, like the message (or offer) and your website converts visitors into leads or clients.

If it doesn't then check out our SWAT PT Website System

We have previously only offered this to clients already in our circle however we keep getting asked if we do this so we are going to open it up 3 fitness businesses.

We will set up and manage Facebook or Google Adwords ads for your fitness business and get some targeted visitors to your site.

It doesn't matter if you do 1-1 PT or Bootcamp or have your own fitness studio.


Just email me back include a link to your website or landing pages and we can arrange a chat if I think you are a good fit and not a time waster, which means you must have a budget and be willing to invest in growing your business.


Internet Fitpro


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